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What They’re Saying About Us

“Dear Terry,

It is with great pleasure that I offer my congratulations on your selection as one of Arizona's Finest Lawyers. This singular honor reflects your commitment to advancing the rule of law in Arizona. Based on a peer-review nomination, the Executive Board selected you because of your demonstrated record of high achievement, excellent legal skills and a well-earned reputation for integrity.”

Gary L. Stuart, Executive Board President and CEO, Arizona's Finest Lawyers.

“As a real estate broker and business owner I have had to call on Terry and his team from time to time. They always offer careful, considered counsel and ask the questions necessary to understand each particular situation. Great attorney that does business the right way. Highly recommended!”

Mark N.

“erry, you are AMAZING!!! Great job. You have done a great job and very insightful in your approaches. If I made any good choices in this whole affair it was retaining your services.”

Dr. Robert E.

“Wow!! That's excellent news and even better than yesterday's news. Again thank you so much for all your great work and dedication, it's been a blessing to find such a great attorney and staff that I can trust. Great job everyone!!!”

Josie O.

“Dear Mr. Fong,

I want to express my gratitude for your help back in August last year regarding the short sale of my property. You were extraordinarily kind, compassionate, and patient. You not only answered all my questions and more, but also addressed my distress and offered clear, detailed solution. The property is now successfully sold and transaction closed. Your advice was instrumental in helping me with decision making in the process. Thank you for being such an extraordinary professional and human being.”


“Thank you so much for looking over everything, listening to what I had to say and being honest with me. You told me how I can handle this myself and gave me the empowerment instead of trying to take advantage of me in a weak state. You have truly given your Profession a much improved image compared to what tales one hears all the time. I was somewhat uneasy coming to a lawyer because of the "stereotype" and I owe you a huge apology. I will definitely be keeping your information for referral to others and personal use, if ever the need should arise in the future.”


“Thank you for your advice about Med Pay after I was hit by a car last fall. As a recent Ph.D. graduate it was especially appreciated due to my student loans. It saved me $10,000.00. I appreciate your advice and attention to my case. Thank you again.”

(Dr. S____).

“Can't catch my breath. Fantastic! CAN'T BELIEVE IT. YOU ARE THE BEST. I will be coming into your office Wednesday morning to sign the one document that you attached to an earlier email. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU”

Sandi M.

“Terry, Thank you and Kim and the legal team for all the work you did in solving a complicated legal problem on our behalf. We are very pleased that you were on our side throughout this whole ordeal. We will gladly recommend you as a serious and dedicated attorney who is genuinely concerned about his clients. Best wishes in all your endeavors."”

Aurora & Pablo.

“Terry, Tom and I want to thank you for helping us. We know it was a challenge and not easy, but we now have our house paid in full and are free of the _____ and ______. Have a happy New Year and good luck with your new practice.”

Debbie L.

“Hi Terry, you were wonderful. I will definitely keep you on my priority list to contact should my situation requires it. Thank you for following up. Have a great day.”

Ophy R.

“Hello Terry, I hope you and your team have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year! We are so grateful for all your help in 2013 – none of this would have worked without your assistance and support.”

Eva O.

“Hallelujah!!! Thank you again for all your help regarding this case....We will definitely spread the word about your firm and how pleased we were with your professionalism and services that we received.”

Tracey G.

“Hi Terry, I would like to thank you for your help and cooperating with me in respect to the legal insurance for _______. Many of my colleagues have this policy and I will be recommending you to them. Thanks again.”

Malcolm C.

“Dear Terry, Thank you for your diligent hard work. We appreciate your service for us. Best regards.”

Ahmad A.

“Terry, I echo Ahmad in thanking you for the good work you provided us. Thank you and the best regards.”

Hassan H.

“Thanks for your great advice! I would recommend your firm to all who need an attorney. Thanks.”


“We really do appreciate you standing up for us. You did an excellent job. Thanks again.”

(Carla & Wyatt).

“I am assuming that the case is closed and we can breathe easy now. Thanks for your effort in solving this dilemma without further compensation. Please accept this See's Candy token/box with real big Thanks for helping me. You will get my business in the future and recommendation to friends/family in need.”

James C.

“Thanks for helping us Terry. You restore my battered faith in humanity.”