Gilbert Divorce Litigation Attorney

In order to keep legal costs and emotional damage to a minimum, divorce settlements through negotiations and mediation are often the preferred way to resolve emotionally charged and legally complex disputes.

At Terry J. Fong Law Group, we see the big picture and recognize that even after the divorce is final, the parties often have to continue to interact with one another, especially if they have children or if they have ongoing business and financial ties. We focus not only on our clients’ immediate goals, but guide them on their long-term goals including the best interests of their children in their life after divorce.

Despite our best efforts at negotiations and mediation, many disputes between divorcing spouses can only be resolved through litigation. If that happens, our firm’s extensive litigation experience and track record of success in litigation will ensure that you receive the best possible advocacy in the courtroom and your rights are fully protected. Our firm’s principal, Terry J. Fong, is not “just a divorce lawyer” but is an experienced litigator with a track record of success in diverse types of civil litigation, having secured favorable verdicts and decisions worth millions of dollars for his clients in jury and bench trials.

Aggressive Representation From A Successful Divorce Litigation Attorney

In many ways, a divorce is akin to a business partnership separation, especially where there is a dispute regarding marital assets which have to be divided. Couples who have accumulated businesses, multiple homes, vacation properties and trusts may need more insightful and sophisticated legal advocacy from an experienced divorce attorney with a strong background in business law, real estate law and tested litigation skills. Terry J. Fong provides this unique combination.

At Terry J. Fong Law Group, we integrate our business and real estate legal knowledge with our comprehensive experience in litigation to ensure that your divorce is handled competently and that your share of the marital assets is fully protected. While divorce creates personal uncertainty, you should not have to worry about compromising the lifestyle you enjoyed while married.

Our objective is to secure the assets you are entitled to by law. We attend to every detail of your property division and team with experts to ensure that you receive what is rightfully yours.

We also bring our extensive litigation skills to bear on all issues involving the well-being of the children, including child support, legal decision-making, custody, parenting time, visitation and relocation. Your children’s best interests are paramount and we will protect their interests through trial if necessary.