Personal injuries typically occur suddenly and in unexpected ways: you may be driving carefully and a negligent driver suddenly appears out of nowhere and slams into you; you could be shopping in a store, turn down an aisle and suddenly find yourself flat on your back on the floor because a store employee negligently failed to clean up a liquid spill and failed to post warning signs; you could be walking down a sidewalk and suddenly find yourself face down on the ground because a portion of sidewalk slab was heaved up due to poor maintenance by the property owner, creating a trip hazard. In all these cases, you were not at fault and your injury was caused by the negligence of another person or entity which failed to do what it was supposed to do.

Decades Of Experience And Success in Securing Fair Settlements

Regardless of how the injury occurred, the consequences to you can be devastating; you have to deal with your injury and get appropriate medical treatment; you may not be able to work for a while and incur lost wages; you may have lost the use of your vehicle; you have pain and suffering and your personal and family life are impacted. On top of all that, you now have to deal with an insurance company and its adjusters who typically try to deny liability (fault) of their client (the other driver or premises owner) and who try to minimize the amount of compensation that is fairly owed to you for your injuries which were caused by the negligence of their client.

With so much to handle, it is important that you seek experienced legal counsel as soon as possible to protect your claim and rights and to explain the legal process involved. Gilbert attorney Terry J. Fong has 30-plus years of experience representing personal injury victims and their families in obtaining fair settlements from the major insurance companies in Arizona and in taking cases to arbitration or trial if the insurers refuse to make fair settlement offers. In one case, Terry J. Fong obtained a jury verdict exceeding $6 million in a case where his client was hit by a semitruck on the freeway; that verdict was one of the Top 10 Jury Verdicts in the State of Arizona for that year.

Having a proven track record of success in litigating personal injury cases to trial is critical to your attorney’s ability to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. Insurance companies and their adjusters know which attorneys are not willing to litigate but will just opt for the “quick settlement” and which attorneys are willing to take a case to arbitration or trial and fight for their clients. The former attorneys generally get smaller settlement offers than the latter.

Each case is unique and we give each case the individual focus that it deserves to maximize compensation for our clients’ injuries and loss. Personal injuries can arise in many different situations, including:


In addition, we do not charge an hourly fee if we accept your case but we will be paid a contingent (percentage) fee at the end of your case when it settles. If for any reason we do not obtain a settlement or verdict at arbitration or trial, then you do not owe us any fee.