Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a tumultuous and confusing time. First, emotions are highly charged due to the nature of marriage dissolution, particularly a marriage of long duration. This tends to cloud judgment. Second, the familial and financial stakes are usually high, with complex issues to resolve pertaining to children (custody and child support), property division, retirement plans and 401(k) plans and spousal maintenance. Legal advice at times like these is invaluable to enable you to see things clearly and understand your rights.

At the law office of Terry J. Fong Law Group, we understand the stakes involved in divorces, especially when children and significant marital assets are involved. We provide you with clear, honest and insightful advice so that you fully understand your rights and the legal process involved. While we strive to find resolution through negotiation and mediation on all issues involving the best interests of the children, the equitable division of assets, child support and spousal maintenance, we will not hesitate to litigate when negotiations falter. Our firm has a proven record of success in litigation which we will fully bring to bear on your behalf in the courtroom

Protecting The Rights And Assets Of Clients Throughout Gilbert And Sun Lakes

Central Arizona residents have counted on us to get them through difficult times. Understanding that emotions impair decision-making, we strive to simplify the divorce process and specific aspects that include:

Possessing comprehensive knowledge in business law and real estate law allows us to provide a more insightful and sophisticated level of legal advocacy. Ownership of businesses, trusts or multiple homes can make high-asset divorce actions both complex and contentious. These disputes often require our lawyers to integrate their real estate and business experience to pursue resolutions and offer creative solutions.

Resolution of high-asset divorces, particularly those involving a business, are difficult to resolve and settle and often litigation is the last resort. Terry J. Fong Law Group has the experience and proven skills to litigate these complex issues involving businesses, trusts and real estate to final resolution.