Gilbert Grandparents’ Rights Attorney

The impact of family disputes and divorces goes beyond the separating parents and their children. Extended family, particularly grandparents are affected as well. They deal with equally emotional hardships during difficult life transitions.

At Terry J. Fong Law Group, we provide dedicated legal advocacy in protecting the interests of grandparents. We help them maintain a strong presence in the lives of their grandchildren following divorce.

The Need For Skilled And Experienced Gilbert And Chandler Grandparent Visitation Attorneys

Arizona law recognizes that grandparents generally have a positive and stabilizing influence in the lives of their grandchildren and therefore grants grandparents visitation rights, and sometimes in loco parentis (custody) rights. Grandparents who are denied visitation rights to their grandchildren can petition the court to establish those rights. The court’s paramount concern is to ensure that the children’s best interests are served. The court can order that grandparents be granted visitation rights to their grandchildren, even over the objections of the children’s parents, if the court believes it is in the children’s best interest to have visitations with their grandparents.

Grandparents are sometimes granted in loco parentis rights (akin to custody rights) in Arizona, where the grandchildren’s parents are unfit or incapable of providing for their children and the grandparents have taken on the role of parents for a substantial period of time. However, these cases can be complex, and the courts consider many factors. Terry J. Fong Law Group can evaluate these factors for you and guide you through the process of securing grandparent’s visitation or in loco parentis (custody) rights.

In many cases, proactive steps must be taken to assert the rights of grandparents to spend time with or prevent harm to their grandchildren. We treat each case individually and understand that time is often of the essence. We identify the unique issues and move forward with customized strategies to secure the best possible outcome for grandparents and their grandchildren.