Gilbert Child Support Attorney

At Terry J. Fong Law Group, our attorneys provide aggressive advocacy and protect both our clients’ and their children’s best interests. Simply stated, we work hard for you to receive the support to comfortably provide for your children or a support agreement that is fair and affordable. While a strict series of child support guidelines exist in Arizona, each case is treated individually.

State support guidelines factor income, educational costs, medical treatment, health insurance, child care and parenting time. Divorce creates enough change and uncertainty without you having to worry about providing for your children’s needs.

Maintaining Your Standard Of Living In Child Support And Support Modification

Our Chandler family law attorneys pursue child support awards that maintain both spouses’ current standard of living. In representing noncustodial parents being asked to pay child support, our attorneys also make sure that their needs are fairly met while they provide for their children.

Failure to make monthly payments can result in the custodial parent petitioning the court to enforce the child support order. Potential consequences of nonpayment include wage garnishment, driver’s license suspension and jail. For many of our clients in Chandler and throughout Arizona, falling behind in child support payments is often the result of a job loss or other circumstances beyond their control. In those cases, we pursue modifications to the support order.

In all divorce-related matters involving children, their well-being is the top priority. The courts make decisions based on their best interests, as do we. While most child support and modification cases are settled, our attorneys are skilled and successful in bench and jury trials.