At Terry J. Fong Law Group, we are committed to the success of our fellow business owners throughout the East Valley and Central Arizona. We have assisted small to midsized businesses in drafting, negotiating and interpreting contracts. We have also provided businesses with aggressive legal advocacy in resolving disputes in the courtroom.

Protecting The Best Interests Of Hardworking Chandler-Area Businesses

One of the best proactive ways that you can protect your business from costly litigation is by using astutely and precisely drafted contracts. Contracts are a vital part of the daily operations of any business. Agreements with employees, landlords, vendors and other parties must be written with clarity and attention to every detail. A properly drafted contract clearly defines the parties’ relationship, their goals, the expected terms of performance and what would happen in the event of a breach or nonperformance. It provides the parties with a precise framework from which to understand and perform their obligations.

Terry J. Fong can assist you with all of your business contract needs, from drafting and reviewing business agreements to enforcing and litigating violations of business agreements. We have advised our clients on many types of business contracts including buy-sell agreements, employment and commission agreements, noncompete agreements, confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, service agreements, leases and option-to-purchase agreements.

Resolving Contract Disputes

Business disputes often arise, despite a carefully drafted contract. These disputes can disrupt the daily operations of your business and take your focus away from growing your company. These disputes can arise in many forms, such as partners wanting to end their business association, disputes with vendors and third parties over nonperformance of contracts or unpaid bills, disputes between employers and employees, employment severance matters involving noncompete or confidentiality clauses and disputes over business leases.

A carefully drafted contract can help narrow the focus of the dispute, provide a framework for resolution and minimize the financial toll on your business. Terry J. Fong Law Group provides you with comprehensive and experienced business law services. We will guide you through all phases of your business contract needs, from reviewing and drafting business agreements to negotiating contract disputes.

If negotiations fail, we will enforce the contract through litigation, bringing Terry J. Fong’s 30 years of civil litigation experience into the courtroom for your benefit. Regardless of the nature of your legal problem or the extent of a contract breach, we provide dedicated legal advocacy. We focus on protecting your business interests and preserving the future of your operation.