Gilbert Fathers’ Rights Attorney

Both mothers and fathers involved in a divorce go through a difficult process that involves legal hurdles and personal issues. While fathers have suffered inequities in the past, attitudes and perceptions have changed. Today, Arizona law presumes that children benefit most from contact with both parents.

Times have changed. In negotiating or litigating divorce agreements, particularly those that involve child custody, legal decision-making and parenting time, fathers are entitled to the same rights as mothers. More fathers are playing an active and equal role in their children’s lives post-divorce. At the law office of Terry J. Fong Law Group, we encourage them to show the court their desire and ability to play a more active role in life decisions involving their children and contribute equally to their children’s upbringing and welfare.

The Help Arizona Fathers Need From A Chandler Parental Rights Attorney

Fathers once paid more in child support and spousal maintenance, also known as alimony. They took on more of the marital debts. Today, laws require both parents to make it a priority to provide their fair share.

For fathers of children born out of wedlock, establishing paternity is paramount. Time is of the essence to have the court and law enforcement recognize the biological father. Delays can lead to losing rights and being denied time with your child.

Divorce is one of the most challenging, if not traumatic events in anyone’s life. The stress and uncertainty involving the end of a marriage affects sound decision-making, especially when fathers are feeling at a disadvantage in disputes involving custody, child support and spousal maintenance. We help all Central Arizona residents get through this process and help them move on to the next chapters of their lives.