Incorporating a business entity is more complex than most people realize. While some of the basic forms are available from agencies such as the Arizona Corporation Commission and online vendors, other forms and agreements are often not available, such as operating agreements for a Limited Liability Company (LLC), bylaws for a corporation, shareholder agreements and employment agreements. These usually need to be tailored for the businesses’ particular needs.

Whether you are a startup business or a growing business, your interests are best protected by working with a well-qualified business attorney to guide you through the incorporation process to ensure that your business entity is set up the right way. This will help you avoid or minimize pitfalls in the future as your business grows.

At the Gilbert, Arizona, law firm of Terry J. Fong Law Group, our clients benefit from Terry J. Fong’s 30-plus years of experience in business law to guide them through the incorporation process and beyond. As our clients’ businesses continue to grow and prosper, their needs will change. They may need to bring in more business partners, or have more capital infusions into the business or have different compensation structures. Terry J. Fong Law Group will be with them each step of the way to guide them. Together, we help our clients understand their options and create solutions for them so that they can fulfill their goals.

We provide a full range of business law services in compliance with state and federal laws, including:

  • All steps necessary to incorporate (limited liability company LLC or corporation)
  • Preparing operating agreements or bylaws
  • Preparing necessary corporate or LLC resolutions
  • Providing statutory agent services
  • Preparing shareholder agreements
  • Preparing employment agreements
  • Preparing buy-sell and Buyout agreements