Businesses can protect themselves from liability by being proactive rather than reactive. This can be done by initially structuring the business entity the right way (for example, as a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation) and by having appropriate participation and buyout agreements in place so that the owners/partners of the business have a formal exit strategy in place in case disagreements arise. This minimizes disruption to the business during the separation process and enables the joint owners to disengage civilly.

Chandler And Queen Creek Business Litigation Attorneys Serving Clients’ Unique Needs

Terry J. Fong Law Group offers you experienced and skilled counsel to set up your business and various operating agreements to ensure that your hard work, assets and products are protected. We can guide you through your needs, whether it is setting up a limited liability company (LLC), corporation or other form of business entity.

Many of our clients are small to midsized businesses. Our Chandler business lawyers have represented many professional businesses, including doctors, physical therapists, veterinarians, child care centers, technical services companies, restaurant owners and many others. Regardless of the type of business you own, we can help you avoid potential pitfalls and be successful.

Unfortunately, businesses sometimes find themselves embroiled in disputes, either between the business owners themselves or with outside third parties. To minimize disruption to the business, these disputes need to be negotiated to settlement quickly or resolved through litigation as a last resort. Sometimes, to avert threatened harm to the business, immediate court action is needed (in the form of restraining orders or injunctive relief) to preserve the status quo while the dispute is being negotiated or litigated.

The Gilbert, Arizona, lawyers of Terry J. Fong Law Group provide skilled and astute negotiation services, backed up by Terry J. Fong’s 30-plus years of successful litigation experience (jury and bench trials) in the event that negotiations fail and the dispute has to be resolved through trial.

Each matter is unique. We tailor our services to the unique needs of our clients. We handle business law matters in the following areas: