No business owner wants to be embroiled in litigation. It drains resources, financially and emotionally, and detracts from the business owner’s main goal which is to grow his/her business. Unfortunately, it is a reality of doing business that many businesses will at some point in their existence find themselves confronted with the specter of a contentious business dispute or litigation. When that happens, you need a strong and skilled litigation team with the experience to confront the problem and extinguish the fire quickly so that you can go back to doing what you do best – which is to grow your business without the distraction and threat of litigation.

Multi-Million Dollar Litigation Success

Terry J. Fong Law Group provides you with that strong, skilled and experienced litigation team. A cornerstone of the firm is Terry J. Fong’s successful track record in civil litigation, having recovered millions of dollars in jury verdicts and judgments for his clients in civil litigation. He brings his 30-plus years of successful civil litigation experience to your side. He provides you with a three-step approach to resolving your business dispute in the most efficient and cost-effective manner:

  • Astutely and in detail analyze the dispute and the legal principles involved and provide you with an honest assessment of where you stand and what your options are; this way, you will be guided to make the best decision possible at the outset, with a comprehensive view of the “big picture” and what the likely result will be if the dispute is not settled and you end up in trial.
  • Negotiate hard on your behalf to resolve the dispute in a manner that is fair and acceptable to you. Terry J. Fong has 30 years of negotiating experience, which includes negotiating monetary settlements from most if not all of the major insurance companies and their attorneys in the state of Arizona. During the negotiation process, the message will be conveyed clearly that while a negotiated settlement is preferred, we will not “give away the farm” but will gladly litigate if your opponent takes an unreasonable posture.
  • If an acceptable settlement cannot be reached through negotiation, Terry J. Fong will not hesitate to take your case to trial. He brings 30-plus years of civil litigation experience to the table and has successfully tried cases in jury and bench (judge) trials throughout his career. He will bring his considerable courtroom skills and experience into the courtroom to protect your interests.

Sometimes, the dispute is of such urgency that there is no time to engage in negotiations and immediate court action is necessary. For example, it may be necessary to immediately file a lawsuit to prevent someone from harming your business interests. In such cases, a temporary restraining order or an injunction may be needed. Terry J. Fong Law Group has the experience necessary to immediately file suit and obtain a restraining order or injunctive relief on your behalf to prevent immediate harm to your business while the dispute is litigated.

We provide a full range of business litigation services including:

  • Disputes relating to dissolution of business: We have successfully assisted many business partners dissolve their partnerships and divide up their business assets under very contentious circumstances, some without litigation and others with litigation.
  • Breach of contract: We have represented many business owners in breach of contract disputes where one party fails to honor its obligation to perform under the contract. In such cases, litigation is necessary to enforce the contract so that the aggrieved party can obtain the benefit that it is entitled to under the contract.
  • Creditors’ rights: Nothing is more frustrating to a business owner than having provided a valuable service and then not getting paid. We have assisted many business owners obtain payment for their services, sometimes through a demand and negotiation process and other times through a lawsuit when a judgment is obtained and collection efforts are undertaken.
  • Defending civil lawsuits: Sometimes a business faces a lawsuit which is unjustified or the business has counterclaims. In such cases, we have defended these clients to prevent a judgment being obtained against them and we have prosecuted their counterclaims.

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