Gilbert real estate attorney Terry J. Fong has 30 years of experience in real estate law (in transactions and litigation). He provides a wide spectrum of services involving real estate transactions (commercial and residential) including the following:

  • Preparing real estate deeds (including quit claim, warranty, special warranty, joint tenancy, deeds of trust, releases)
  • Preparing real estate sale and purchase agreements
  • Preparing real estate leases (with or without an option to purchase)
  • Review and advise on leases (commercial and residential)
  • Review and advise on real estate contracts and loan closing documents
  • Review and advise on title insurance policies and commitments

Located in Gilbert, Arizona, our Gilbert and Chandler clients enjoy the benefits and guidance of Terry J. Fong’s 30-plus years of real estate, business law and civil litigation experience. To learn more, contact us at 480-359-2810 or toll free at 800-677-2784.

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