A cornerstone of TERRY J. FONG LAW GROUP is its strong litigation tradition and experience in diverse civil disputes. Having a solid litigation foundation benefits the firm’s clients tremendously. This means that during the negotiation of complex disputes (whether they are business, real estate or divorce and family law matters), the firm always negotiates from a position of strength for its clients, confident that if negotiations fail, then the firm is “battle-tested” and well-equipped to take the matter to trial. The result that you obtain in negotiations is typically only as good as your attorney’s willingness to call your opponent’s bluff and ability to win your case in the courtroom when the gloves are off. The “threat of litigation” never deters the firm from pushing for the best possible result for its clients and the firm will take its clients’ causes into the courtroom without hesitation, if necessary.

In his 30 plus-years of practice, the firm’s principal TERRY J. FONG has successfully litigated numerous jury and bench trials, encompassing diverse civil disputes. Some of his more notable courtroom successes include the following cases:

  • In 2004, Terry J. Fong obtained a jury verdict of over $6 million for his client who was rendered a paraplegic from a motor vehicle accident on the freeway involving a semitruck. This was the 4 th highest jury verdict in the State of Arizona that year as reported in the State Bar of Arizona’s publication, ” Arizona Attorney ” magazine, May 2005 edition, entitled “Top 10 Arizona Verdicts” ( Pinal County Superior Court Case No.CV2000-048488).
  • In 2011, Terry J. Fong successfully tried an adverse possession case and obtained ownership of acres of land for his client from an international mining corporation. His client had occupied and used land belonging to the mining corporation for over 10 years. When the mining corporation tried to evict his client from the land, Mr. Fong counter-claimed for ownership of the land under the law of Adverse Possession. Following a trial, the Court awarded Mr. Fong’s client absolute ownership of approximately five acres of the land plus a life estate over another 10 acres of the land ( Pinal County Superior Court Case No. S1100CV200904145).
  • Terry J. Fong represented a client who was involved in a dispute over ownership of millions of dollars in Arizona Lottery winnings. After a jury trial, the jury awarded the lottery winnings to Mr. Fong’s client ( Pinal County Superior Court Case No. CV93041513, Consolidated).

To fully protect your interests and to get the best possible outcome for you case, it is imperative that your attorney has proven and skilled courtroom ability to back up the rhetoric and “saber-rattling” that is typically bantered about during negotiations and to take your case to trial and win it.